Internet Marketing Process

This is how we do it! Our Internet Marketing process is
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Internet Marketing Process

  • Client-Centered Needs Analysis  -  Having worked with scores of businesses in virtually every industry, we know that no two online businesses are exactly alike. That's why we take the time to get to know clients before designing their online business approach. To ensure your strategy is precisely tailored to your individual business requirements, we begin our process with a thorough review of your marketing goals, service expectations, and budget constraints. 
  • 360° Market Overview and In-Depth Analysis  -  Our comprehensive study and objective analysis of your target audience and competitive position uncovers new opportunities to extend your market reach, capitalize on emerging trends, and refine your distinctive value proposition and business identity. 
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization  -  The BizCom SEO team won't try to sell you some mysterious secret algorithm guaranteed to make you number 1 on Google. What we can guarantee is a completely ethical, holistic SEO strategy that not only improves your visibility but also lays the groundwork for long-term profitability and growth.

    • Extensive Keyword Research:  To create a list of targeted keywords and key phrases that will achieve the right balance of high search engine ranking and precise brand differentiation, our process includes a thorough review of your customer's needs, concerns, and brand perceptions, as well as an analysis of the most commonly used search terms in your purchasing category. 
    • Focused, Coordinated Teamwork:  Using the resulting keyword list as their shared guide, our team of copywriters, graphic designers, and website developers, fine-tune every copy point, html tag, and visual detail for quality, visibility, and consistency. By adding value at every digital touch point, this integrated process attracts qualified leads to your site and ensures your prospects and customers enjoy a seamless, satisfying online experience. 
    • Best Practices:  Instead of relying on shady tricks that can get your site banned from search engines and directories, our SEO team helps you beat the competition by playing fair and square. Relevant, high-quality content, coding best practices, strategic link building, and other Google-recommended methods of attracting search engine spiders are not only the right way to climb up the ranks, but also the smartest strategy for sustaining top-of-mind awareness.
    • Targeted Domain Name Search and Registration:  What's in a domain name? The essence of your business identity, brand reputation, and market appeal  — in short, one of the most crucial business decisions you'll face. You can count on our Web specialists for a URL that stands out in today's overpopulated digital landscape. 
  • Reliable Ongoing Support & More  -  After your site is designed and optimized, we don't just pick up our toys and leave. Your BizCom team is always just a phone call away with the leading-edge services you need to nimbly adapt to the constantly changing online business environment. From keyword adjustments to the most sophisticated search engine marketing tools, you can count on us for everything it takes to stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Website Maintenance  -  Fresh content and refined keywords, new features, and improved functionality keep your relevance ranking and business reputation on the rise. 
  • Advanced SEM Packages  -  Capitalize on the synergy of organic SEO plus paid search results from Google's AdWords flagship tool, targeted press release campaigns, and link building to raise your marketing power to the next level.
  • Content Management System (CMS)  -  With the user-friendly tools and advanced features of BizCom CMS, the job of keeping your site on the cutting edge is painless. Our streamlined, no-sweat content management system comes installed on every site we design. Read all about its advanced features on the Content Management System page, and then experience its power and efficiency for yourself with a test drive at
  • Website Reporting Tools  -  Get a big picture view of your Web performance with comprehensive statistical reports on your site traffic. Built into every BizCom-designed website, this valuable business intelligence tool empowers fully informed decision making and, together with our website maintenance plans, provides ongoing conversion optimization for maximum marketing ROI.

From our true dedication to fulfilling every client's unique business vision to the depth and breadth of our skill set, strategic partnerships, and technology portfolio, BizCom has the world-class qualifications to guide your online business to the next frontier.

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