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Raleigh Internet MarketingYou can do it yourself — and hope your customers find you? There's certainly no shortage of Free Website offers. You could just hire your neighbors son who knows something about computers. Or, you could partner with BizCom to get a custom designed Internet marketing strategy that launches your brand, drives sales, and improves customer support.

Why trust BizCom to make good on that promise?

Since 2006, BizCom has helped hundreds of diverse organizations successfully negotiate the complex business and technical challenges of an ever-evolving digital landscape. Our clients' consistent satisfaction and long-term loyalty testify to the unique value of our custom-tailored approach. No out-of-the-box software program or generic SEO scheme can provide the three most important capabilities we offer: the creative insight, in-depth knowledge about the Internet, and the genuine spirit of real people who understand and care about your business.

Internet MarketingA Thoroughly Professional Approach to Online Success

  • Breakthrough Brand Development  -  To cut through the noise and clutter in today's crowded and competitive arena, your brand message needs to speak clearly and with conviction. BizCom applies thorough market research, advanced Web analytics, and solid industry-specific knowledge and experience to your branding challenges. By analyzing your company's vision and culture, assessing your competition, and identifying your target market and your potential customers' mindset, we discover and hone the defining qualities of your brand. The resulting brand message precisely captures the unique promise you convey to your customers. 
  • Strategic Copywriting  -  Website copy that generates traffic and communicates a compelling message is a vital component of successful online marketing. Our copywriters have the creative flair, solid language skills, and extensive online experience to improve your search engine rankings, communicate your unique brand identity, and win the hearts and minds of your customers. 
  • High-Impact Website Design  -  Your website has to do more than capture the face and voice of your brand. It needs to empower the behind-the-scenes army of virtual hands that direct traffic, fill orders, and satisfy changing customer demands with the up-to-the-minute efficiency required to run a profitable online business. That's why you can't afford a design that looks cheap or generic or falls down on the job — no matter how little you pay upfront. BizCom's Website design team has the professional know-how to craft a solution that fits your budget and your brand image as smoothly as it drives your marketing objectives. From fresh creative vision to in-depth marketing savvy and technical expertise, the combined talents of our award-winning designers, certified Internet Webmasters, and Microsoft .NET Web developers are the best online business insurance you can buy. For a preview of what you can expect, check out BizCom's website design portfolio.

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It is so pleasing to know that there are still businesses around that somehow manage to seamlessly combine a top quality product with a focused attention to customer needs and individual requirements...

Kevin Walls, President - Stameys Walk HOA

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