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We will assess your current business needs, long-term goals, and strategize with you to help drive the most value from technology.

SharePoint Assessment & Planning Services

Raleigh SharePoint Assessment & Planning Services

Lack of planning is a key contributor to a SharePoint implementation catastrophe. BizCom's SharePoint Assessment & Planning services help you make sense of it all. We assess your current business needs, long-term goals and strategize with you to help drive the most value from your technology.

Our Assessment Process

Although most of our clients have unique requirements, we have a process that is designed for complex variability while maintaining strict methodologies. We begin by understanding how your business functions, help to learn where your pain points are, and identify where your management team would like to see increased productivity and efficiency. Or, just identify the gaps!  We'll then:

  • Review your current IT infrastructure including network topology, security and system resources
  • Assess licensing requirements
  • Determine if the out-of-the box SharePoint functionality addresses enough of the business issues at hand
  • Prioritize and plan for additional features that are critical to your decision making and operations
  • Create a user access needs and privileges list
  • Deploy or upgrade your SharePoint installation
  • Customize and style your SharePoint deployment - whether it be to make it feel familiar to your employees, increase the ease of use or keep your branding consistent
  • Develop a training plan for new users

A SharePoint Assessment normally takes between 5-10 business days, depending upon the size and scope of your project. Throughout the entire process, our team will document every aspect of the assessment. In the end, you will be provided with a detailed document that outlines how we plan to meet your objectives and provide a high-value solution for years to come.

Customer Reviews

It is so pleasing to know that there are still businesses around that somehow manage to seamlessly combine a top quality product with a focused attention to customer needs and individual requirements...

Kevin Walls, President - Stameys Walk HOA

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