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SharePoint Solutions

Learn how you can position SharePoint as a Platform for all of your business and process requirements

How many times have you implemented a new business system or software only to find that it resulted in you having to manage multiple systems that are actually utilizing the same data?  WHAT IF you had one core platform that consolidated systems that normally don't talk to each other -  and it was able to actually bridge the gap? 

Microsoft SharePoint is a core platform that can be utilized to integrate your business systems and improve productivity, efficiency and collaboration.

Our services include:

Raleigh SharePoint Assessment & Planning Services

Assessment &
Planning Services

Assessing your business needs & strategizing to help drive the most value from your technology.

Raleigh SharePoint Deployment Solutions


Ensuring your deployment is redundant, secure, scalable & functions flawlessly.

Raleigh SharePoint Migration Solutions


Helping you transition to the latest SharePoint with limited downtime & end user disruption.

Raleigh SharePoint Customization Solutions


Taking your SharePoint site to the next level with custom branding solutions.


The SharePoint solutions experts at BizCom can help you develop a clear vision and roadmap for your SharePoint implementation that is geared for your specific business requirements.  We'll start with an assessment of your current systems and help you to build a plan that pulls together your vital business stats - and have them ready for your critical decision making.

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It is so pleasing to know that there are still businesses around that somehow manage to seamlessly combine a top quality product with a focused attention to customer needs and individual requirements...

Kevin Walls, President - Stameys Walk HOA

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